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Opportunities to Serve on FSMB Committees

The FSMB represents a community of dedicated public servants that serve throughout the United States. Their commitment to protecting the public and ensuring the highest standards of medical quality is the key to the successful operation of the nation’s medical regulatory system. It is the dedication and commitment of our volunteers that enables the FSMB to fulfill its goals and achieve its mission.

FSMB greatly appreciates the dedication and service of the many volunteers who serve each year on the organization’s standing committees (Audit, Bylaws, Editorial, Education, Ethics and Professionalism, Finance, Nominating), special committees, workgroups, and advisory councils:

FSMB Committees

FSMB Workgroups

Volunteers may be FSMB Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Associate Members, Courtesy Members or Non-member Subject Matter Experts. See FSMB Bylaws Article II, “Classes of Membership, Elections and Membership Rights.”

Elected Positions
Nominating Committee

In accordance with the FSMB Bylaws, membership on the Nominating Committee is by election only. Each year, the current Nominating Committee submits a slate of one or more nominees for each of the upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee. Positions are filled by election at the annual business meeting of the FSMB House of Delegates.

Nominations for elected positions are accepted beginning in the fall of each year. Only Fellows* of the FSMB are eligible to run for elected offices.

*An individual member who as a result of appointment holds full time membership on a Member Medical Board shall be a Fellow of the FSMB during the member’s period of service on a Member Medical Board, and for a period of 36 months thereafter. 

Time Commitment: Members of the Nominating Committee are elected to serve a single two-year term. The Committee has a kick-off breakfast on the Sunday morning immediately after the FSMB’s Annual Meeting. The Committee meets again via teleconference in August and March, and in person at the FSMB Texas office in January to finalize its slate of candidates. In preparation for the January meeting, the Committee members each interview 3-5 nominees. The members of the Committee also receive scholarships to attend the FSMB's Annual Meeting so that they can be on site to solicit interest in elected and appointed positions.

Appointed Positions

Members of all other standing committees are appointed by the FSMB Chair, with the approval of the Board of Directors. Reappointment is permissible.

Audit Committee 
The Audit Committee reviews the audit of the corporation and the accompanying financial statements. Time Commitment: Members of the Audit Committee serve one-year terms. The Audit Committee traditionally meets by teleconference two to four times during the year, with the potential for one face-to-face meeting.

Bylaws Committee 
The Bylaws Committee assesses the FSMB Bylaws each year including proposals for amendments and requests for interpretation. The Committee may make recommendations to the House of Delegates for changes, deletions, or modifications to the Bylaws. Time Commitment: Members of the Bylaws Committee serve one-year terms. The Bylaws Committee meets once by teleconference or as many times as needed.

Editorial Committee
The Editorial Committee advises the Editor-in-Chief on editorial policy for the FSMB’s official publication, Journal of Medical Regulation, and assists the Editor-in-Chief in the performance of duties as appropriate and necessary. Time Commitment: Members of the Editorial Committee serve three-year terms. The Editorial Committee meets once each year at the FSMB Texas office or other location and also meets two to four times by teleconference. The Committee is also asked to read manuscripts throughout the year.

Education Committee
The Education Committee assists in the development of educational programs for the FSMB. This includes the Annual Meeting program as well as webinars, teleconferences and other educational offerings. Time Commitment: Members of the Education Committee serve one-year terms. The Education Committee meets several times per year, either in person or by teleconference. The frequency of regular meetings is determined by need but occur at least quarterly.

Ethics and Professionalism Committee
The Ethics and Professionalism Committee addresses ethical and professional issues pertinent to medical regulation. Time Commitment: Members of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee serve one-year terms. The Ethics and Professionalism Committee meets several times per year either in person or by teleconference. The frequency of regular meetings is determined by need.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee reviews the financial condition of the FSMB; reviews and evaluates the costs of the activities and/or programs to be undertaken in the forthcoming year; and recommends a budget to the Board of Directors for its recommendation to the House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting. Time Commitment: The members of the Finance Committee serve one-year terms. The Finance Committee meets several times per year either in person or by teleconference. The frequency of regular meetings is determined by need.

Special Committees and Workgroups
Special Committees and Workgroups are appointed by the Chair as necessary and are established for a specific purpose. Special Committees and Workgroups usually meet three times per year in person and by teleconference, and continue their work for one to two years, or whatever length of time is predicated by their charge.

Advisory Councils
Advisory Councils offer informed guidance to the FSMB to enhance the organization’s path to success in specific areas. Time Commitment: The members of Advisory Councils serve one- to three-year terms. The frequency of meetings is determined by need.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about serving on a committee, workgroup or advisory council, please complete and submit the Request for Information Form below. You will be contacted by a member of the FSMB staff.